About Texamen

Texamen helps you to write your texts in plain language. The artificial intelligence of Texamen determines the language level of your text.

Why use Texamen? Because we often write texts at a high language level, while many of our readers have a much lower language level. It is the gap between the two that makes texts incomprehensible for many readers. Texamen checks the language level of your text.

About Plain Language Europe

Plain Language Europe is specialized in plain language. Visit us at www.plainlanguageeurope.com. We believe that you can write anything in plain language. From commercial texts to public information campaigns and legal texts. Plain language has a lot of advantages:

  • Readers understand your text. And they show it by doing what they're supposed to do.
  • Plain language leads to trust. From citizens, consumers, patients.
  • Plain language saves time and money.

Plain Language Europe offers services that help you communicate in plain language. Online and offline. For example, visit www.glanupegalain.com for the e-learning Writing in plain English.